Civil Engineering Project Topics Related to Concrete

Projects on concrete:

Replacement of Cement: For projects related to concrete, cement may be replaced with waste material like fly ash, marble dust, silica fumes, ground granulated blast furnace slag, ground glass pozzolans or calcined clay etc.

Types of Waste Material

Addition of Fibres: For project, natural or synthetic fibres can be used in concrete to enhance the properties of concrete. The examples of some fibres are steel fibre, glass fibre, carbon fibre, cellulose fibre, polypropylene, nylon fibre, coir, hay etc.

Types of Fibre

Light Weight Concrete: Light weight concrete can be achieved by replacing conventional aggregates with cellular porous aggregates or by incorporating the air or gas bubbles in the concrete.

Replacement of Coarse aggregate: Similar to the replacement of cement, the coarse aggregate can be replaced with broken concrete debris or burnt brick or destructed bitumen road etc.

Self Healing Concrete: It is basically bacteria-based concrete. It can be achieved by mixing the bacteria into the fresh concrete.

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