What are the Responsibilities of Architect and Structural Engineer?

A structure must exhibit at least three qualities

  1. Strength
  2. Usefulness
  3. Beauty

Generally, the strength part of any structure is taken care by structural engineers. The aesthetic part (beauty) is taken care by an architect. And the usefulness of any structure can be decided by any one of them.

The detailed responsibilities of an architect and a structural engineer is shown below.

What are the Responsibilities of Architect and Structural Engineer

Aesthetic is a notable element considered in Architecture. However, structural system and structural elements designed by the structural engineer play significant role in aesthetic appeal of structure.

The basic function of any structural element is to transmit the loads safely. The forces and moments development in any structural element or structural member decides the dimension/size of the member. The connection between two structural element allow the loads to transfer safely from one member to another.

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